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Scuba diving is a popular sport in Greece and the Greek islands. The Greek sea is a wonderful place to discover, full of rare fish species and impressive sea plants. The amazing thing about the Greek seas is that divers get to explore many ship wrecks, even wrecks of ancient triremes, Medieval vessels and war ships from World War II.

Many scuba centers and clubs for diving in Greece, some based on the beaches and others in hotel premises. They offer the necessary equipment for diving and also courses for all ages and levels.

Since 2006 when the general prohibition of diving was lifted, the sector of diving tourism in Greece has seen a huge growth, as already 174 diving centers function all over Greece according to the official registrant of diving services

Discovering The Aegean Sea

10 Days
Day 1: Athens Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities, is the capital and largest city of Greece, dominating the Attica region. Arrival at the...
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