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It is no secret that Greece is commonly regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in the whole of Europe. The combination of the explosive nature with the timeless beauty and its experience in health tourism has made Greece the ideal destination for everyone who wants to combine relaxation, health, convalescence, treatment, sport and contact with the environment!

Medical Tourism includes services offered by physicians and modern specialized medical centers abroad, therefore involving some travel. It targets patients/visitors who combine their medical trips with vacation time, often escorted by friends or relatives. Greece is also filled with a number of natural spas, boasting thermal and mineral springs at over 700 locations, and as such represents a fantastic place to recover from a medical procedure or treatment.

Greece is particularly known for its specialist medical procedures relating to cosmetic reconstruction as well as its dental treatments. Another popular medical tourism procedure in Greece is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). This treatment is popular particularly for its high success rates at the affordable price, and the quality of the follow-up care provided by clinics across the country.

EURODENTICA- Specialized Dental Care, takes care of your teeth, painlessly, skillfully and fast!

EuroDentica S.A. – Specialized Dental Care, was established 34 years ago, treating dental cases of approximately 50,000 people. Today, our company constitutes one of the most modern Dental-Medical centers, with two locations, in the centre and north of Athens.

Recently Eurodentica has been awarded with TEMOS certification, a ‘premiere’ for Greek Dental Centers and recognized by the recognition of the Diplomatic council as one of the 150 best hospitals in the world.
Moreover, at Eurodentica there are 10 dentists who work in our clinics and have been specialized in North America, Scandinavia, Holland, Australia and Greece , in 10 different dental specialties. , while A at the same time, we cooperate with an Orl (Otorynolaryngologist) and also with a Plastic Surgeon, when necessary. An anesthesiologist is participating in the treatment of disabled patients under sedation . Our staff consists of 20 people, doctors, assistants and receptionists included.

Our belief is that evolution progress in Dentistry is very fast rapidly evolving. This means that a doctor working solely in a Dental practice is not able to cover the whole spectrum of dental-medical care in excellence so we strongly believe in the cooperation between specialties. With the coordination and guidance of the Pediatric Dentist, Nikolaos S. Kouvelas, D.D.S., Ph.D., ,, Assistant Professor of Dentistry at the Athens University, Scientific Responsible and president of Eurodentica S.A. we intent to improve our selfs for the best of our patients.

Medical Offers

Implants starting at 1.000 € (Xive, Straumann, Bredent, mis) only the surgical part
Porcelain crowns from 450 €
Endodontic treatment from 450 €
Dentures from 1.200 €
Robotic Dentistry for bridge work or crowns 450 € per tooth cad-cam
Periodologic treatment with laser or conventional from 500 € per quadrent
Tooth brightening with ZOOM AP and trays € 450650E € all teeth (it includes dental office treatment and home dental treatment for at least 10 days)
Esthetic resine veneers from 350 € per tooth
Esthetic porcelain veneers from 550 € per tooth

Initial package Cost € 2540
Panoramic X-ray

1.First package Cost € 5080

Ultrasonic Cleaning of calculus
Use of periodontal curette
Oral hygiene instructions

2.Second package Cost € 350

(autonomous or combined with the first package, with extra cost)

Teeth whitening with the Zoom AP system (1,5 hour duration)

3.Third package Cost € 350 250

Impressions of the maxilla and mandible
Construction of customized splints for 14 subsequent days whitening at home
Grant package of whitening substance, enough for 2 years occasional use.

4. Fourth package Cost € 1200

(autonomous or combined with 1 or 2, or both)
Teeth bonding (‘microsculpture” by Dr.Helen Gkiza)

Individualized and very ‘artistic’ approach (4 front teeth), which provides

– Permanent colour
– Permanent position
– Permanent shape
– Permanent size

(Every extra tooth will cost € 350)