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Greece has innumerable natural thermal springs, most of them known since antiquity. Many of them flourished during the Roman period when they turned into cosmopolitan centers, attracting many people for spa-therapy and entertainment. Natural Springs are the thermal, hypo-thermal and cool waters containing active ingredients indicated for the cure of various illnesses. Therapeutic tourism aims at the cure of various illnesses and the invigoration of the human body through the use of curing waters.

Therapeutic tourism forms part of health tourism. Thermalism is a group of organised activities complementing each other,with thermal water being the most predominant element, designed to prevent and/or preserve and/or restore human physical and/or spiritual euphoria and health. Greece is also filled with a number of natural spas, boasting thermal and mineral springs

Anti-stress Relaxing Thermal Holiday

11 Days
Day 1: Athens Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities, is the capital and largest city of Greece, dominating the Attica region. Arrival at the...
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